"Rev. SuZen,
Thank you so very much for such a lovely ceremony!  You were perfect for us.  We really enjoyed every moment and will never forget it.  I also wanted to ask you if there was any way you could send us the transcripts of the wedding.  I would love to put it in my album.  I know you don't have what we said, but your words I would love to remember fully if possible.  Thank you again for everything...!  Take care... Yours truly,"
 Tracy & Renee T. (& sons)
Alton Baker Park Duck Pond
Eugene OR

"Hi SuZen,
Thanks so much for helping us make our wedding ceremony so wonderful...
I know I speak for both Garren & myself when I say that your gentle guidance & kind, loving attention to our ceremony, our individual needs and tastes is a large part of what made the experience as flawless as it was.
I am so grateful that Garren was able to find you because I cannot imagine working with anybody better than you.
With all the chaos & drama that seems to so often surround weddings, I am just amazed & relieved to have had such a simple, beautiful & low-stress experience for my own wedding. I have always tended to be one that listens to my heart and follows my intuition & the day Garren & I decided to cancel the big fancy wedding was probably the wisest move we've made as a young couple.
Thanks so much for helping us make the most of our ceremony. Garren & I would be more than happy to suggest you as a wedding officiant to anyone looking for somebody outside of the religious realm, or willing to go the extra mile (or two) as the saying goes...Your loyal friends,"
Charlene & Garren LaR.
Lower Kentucky Falls/N. Fork Smith River Falls
Douglas County OR
“Thank you SuZen for helping us craft a ceremony that truly conveyed the love and joy we continuously find in our relationship. 
Our ceremony was exactly what I envisioned and your calming presence really soothed our nerves just before the ‘big moment’ when we needed it most.
We both appreciate the time you took to hear our story and get to know us beforehand, it made the experience wonderfully personal. All our best,"
Christina & Jason S-M.
DAR Hall
Seattle WA 
"Hi Rev. SuZen!!!! Enclosed are some pictures from our GREAT wedding day!! Thank you so much for making our day so SPECIAL! You were awesome. I still can't believe what a beautiful day we had.  Our wedding memories will last a life time, and we can't thank you enough for being a part of our day and uniting us into our lives together!  Thanks again. Have a great day.  Love-"
Lisa & Jeff P.
Family Home
Alki Beach/West Seattle WA
"Hey Rev,
Carl here, don't know if you remember me. I was, and still is, the best man. Ha ha. I've only attended to a few weddings, but this was the most.....FUN.... I have ever had at a wedding. I also didn't expect to meet a Reverend that I would enjoy or feel comfortable speaking with. I enjoyed meeting and talking to you, and just wanted to thank you for the lovely service your provided for my dearest friends. Thanks again- Carl."
"I can't thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you helped us create.  We could not have done it without you!  I can't express how much it meant to us.  The reception was bumpy to say the least but I honestly didn't care!  We are just so very happy.  You must have one of the greatest jobs ever! "
-Katherine C. & Jamie N.
(w/ Ella & Jack)
The Top of the Market/Pike Place
Seattle  WA
"The ceremony you performed for us was so beautiful; it helped make our wedding day perfect.  Thank you for listening to our ides and for being willing to do just what we wanted.  We feel very fortunate to have had you as our officiant- every interaction we have shared with you has been delightful.  Very sincerely yours,"
-Tiffany & Dave B.
Carkeek Park
Seattle WA
"Hey there lady-
We bask!
You smoked!
Please share our
-Alicia & Craig
Kitsap Ferry/Seattle to Bremerton Run
Elliot Bay, Puget Sound WA
"Thank you very much.  Since our wedding, we have attempted to describe the power and beauty of the ceremony you helped us create, but we haven't been able to do it justice!  There are no words that can explain the magic that we made on beautiful Luna Park Pier.  Thank you so much for giving us the best wedding gift of all:  a perfect, moving and magical ceremony that we will never forget."
-Sarah & Geordie P.
Luna Park Pier
Alki, West Seattle  WA
"Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony- we had such a great day.  I loved your opening words.  we got quite a few compliments on you and the ceremony.  Thank you again- hope you had fun."
-Stacy & Jeremy M.
Victorian Manor
Snohomish  WA
"We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony that you created for us!  It was absolutely perfect, and it represented who we are in the best way possible.  We are so thankful for your insight, enthusiasm, and creativity!  You truly made our wedding so special and memorable.  We are still getting rave reviews about you and the perfect ceremony you created.  Love, and our best wishes"
-Erin & Ryan B.
Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Seattle  WA
"Thank you so much for being the officiant in our wedding.  You gave us a simple ceremony as we requested, but it was filled with beautiful philosophical thoughts and tenderness.  We are grateful that you were there to legalize our marriage.  Thanks and take care."
-Huan & Lieu L.
Seattle  WA
"Thanks so much for all your kindness and support.  We couldn't be any more thrilled that you performed our ceremony.  We appreciate your hard work."         
 -Jill & Daniel S.
Bhy Kracke Park
Seattle  WA
"Thanks for everything.  We were just looking at our wedding video over the weekend and you did a great job and really helped make the day special! 
Thanks so much for all your help with our ceremony.  Take care,"
-Dana & Steve M. (& Mango)
Kite Hill/Gasworks Park
Seattle  WA
"We were very happy with your great introduction and all your help in putting the ceremony together.  It wouldn't be what it was without you.  We'll always remember fondly and give you our recommendation should the occasion arise.  Feel free to share anything we wrote with someone else should they need it.  All the Best,"
-Anne & Sigfried T.
Monte Villa Farmhouse
Bothell  WA
"Thank you for all your help!  You've made a potentially complicated process enjoyable, fun and very meaningful for us.  Thank you so much for being a part of our special, wonderful day.  It was everything I had hoped for and more!
Take care!  Love,"
-Nikki & Dan S.
Baby Island Lodge
Whidbey Island  WA
"Thank you for being part of this special day!"
-Terese & Rob S.
Family Home
Brier  WA
"I hope that all is well.  We want to thank you again for the lovely wedding.  You really helped so much in making our wedding that perfect day that we dreamt of having.  Your planning, nurturing, and poise during the ceremony contributed to our realization of a truly perfect day."
-Deb S. & Eliot G.
Alta Crystal Resort
Mt. Rainier  WA
"Brian and I are greatly appreciative of all of the support and patience you have offered to us during this exciting stage of our lives. 
We feel so lucky to have worked with you!  Much gratitude."        
-Kim & Brian S-S.
Home of Bride's Parents
Woodinville  WA
"Thank you so much for officiating our wedding.  You were so helpful from the very beginning with the whole process.  We are really glad we wrote our own vows, they really meant a lot to us.  We were very pleased with the ceremony and received lots of compliments (for those who could hear us!)
The ceremony was mostly a daze, but luckily we got it all on videotape.  Of course, it mostly just shows me crying.
Again, thank you so much.
Please let us know if you ever need us for a reference.  Thanks!"
-Deanna & Corey L.
Pleasant Hill Estates
Carnation   WA
"Rick and I wanted to thank you again for making our wedding as special as it was..."
-Leslie & Rick M.
Rainier Express Lift
Crystal Mountain Ski Resort  WA
"Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony.  You rocked.  Really, you were exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you so much for all the help you were before the wedding, too.  Your e-mails really put me at ease when I was a nervous wreck. : )  Thank you so much for enhancing our wonderful ceremony.  You were great.
I just have to thank you for being part of pur perfect day. You were so wonderful. I was so lucky to come accoss your website. Our day was just so perfect. I can't think of another word to descirbe it. You were right the whole time. I had nothing to worry about. I'm going to miss all your e-mails. It's kinda sad now that's it's all over. It's funny how you spend so much time planning and then it's over so quickly. Thank you so much for enhancing our wonderful ceremony. You were great.
THANK YOU!!!!  Love, "
-Sara & Morgan R.
Nestle Training Center
Carnation  WA
"We want to thank you for being such a special part of our wedding.  We really appreciate having you and your beautiful words in our ceremony.  Thank you so much!  Love,"
-Shandra & Donnie M.
The Center for Urban Horticulture
Seattle WA
"Thank you so much for coming all the way to Bellingham to perform our wedding ceremony.  We know our wedding is going to be beautiful because you allowed us the opportunity to put together our perfect wedding.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.  Thanks so much!  Love,"
-Kaia & Nathan C.
Lairmont Manor
Bellingham  WA
"I can't thank you enough for helping to make our wedding day so special.  We will both cherish that day forever."
-Elizabeth S. & Jeff B.
Volunteer Park
Seattle WA
"Thank you for all you did in our wedding ceremony.  It was just wonderful and exactly what we wanted."       -Cassi & Doug S.
"I can't thank you enough for your part in making the ceremony for Kate and Shaun so special and important.  I have had comments from friends and family from all walks of life saying it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever attended."
-Jane S.
Mother of the Bride
Snohomish WA
"Thank you for the wedding.  It was perfect!  You helped to make it so special for us.  We had so many compliments on the ceremony.  Ya we giggled a lot, but I think most of it was nerves.  If I had not been laughing, I would have been crying when we got to the vows....thank you for making our day so very special."
-Tiffany & Tom O.
Brown's Point Park
Tacoma  WA
"We wanted to take a moment and thank you for making our wedding day as perfect as possible.  Not only did we have a wonderful time, but even now our guests are commenting on how beautiful and personal our ceremony was. 
Thank you for taking the time to learn our story and our history and conveying that to our friends and family.  We will always have wonderful memories of standing there with you, reciting our vows.
Again, thank you for being so personable and fantastic in your work."
-Serene & Kevin C.
The Newcastle Golf Club    WA
"Thank you for taking part in our ceremony.  We really appreciate the time and effort you have put into making our day special."
-Mary & Avrom H.
Seattle Design Center  WA
"Thank you for sharing in our special day.  We appreciate all your support, patience and input."
-Hesper & Dean M.
The Sorrento Hotel
Seattle  WA
"Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding-  You kind words helped make our day very memorable.  We're glad you could play such a special part in making our dream come true.  All our thanks for a wonderful day."
-Deborah & Mark R.
Don Armeni Boat Ramp
West Seattle  WA
"...thank you very much."
-Bonnie & Douglas K.
Sans Souci Country Club
Puyallup  WA
Testimonials & Bon Mots