...and some more couples married by 
The Reverend SuZen

Melissa & Adam W.
Family Cabin
Camano Island  WA
Mt. Baker Background
HUZZAH!  Mr. & Mrs.
Important Paperwork
Lucky 7-7-07
Rev. SuZen pre-service

Amy B. & Dan G.
Kruger's Farm
Portland OR

Janet & Jon P.
Private Home
Lopez Island
Happy Ending
Desiree E. & 
Gopal N.
Salish Lodge/
Snoqualmie Falls
Ceremony with Indian Flair
Intimate Service
Vows Under The Tree Of Life
Heart Speak
With Jack The Dog
Awaiting the Wedding Party
Lovely Reception
Chilly Spring Evening
Unique Handfasting
Family Vows
Backyard Beauty
Inclusive Service
Henrietta B. & 
Bryan M.
Skansonia Ferry
Seattle WA
Lisa & Jeff P.
Family Home
Alki Beach
West Seattle
Erica & Jeffery E.
Rainier Club
Seattle WA
So Long Coming...
Elliot Bay Background
A Wedding Party of Wonderful Friends & Family
The Mr. CAM
Perfect Day
Fun Reception With Old Friends
Bright Spring Afternoon
Spring Solstice Handfasting

Ellen Lucia 
Vivianne Kathleen