The Next Step
So, you like what you see?  And you agree with this different approach and philosophy?  And you'd like for me to officiate your wedding ceremony?

Thank you for selecting me to play a part in your special day!

I've found that this is the best process to arrange wedding ceremonies with potential clients-

Through either e-mails and/or phone conversations, we all get a general understanding of what is expected and desired from both parties and share in a few more details of the wedding itself. (day, exact location, actual time, size [# in wedding party & approx. guest count], additions, expectations, etc.) Once we agree on the terms and confirm the date, we'd make arrangements for the consultation/interview which lasts a good 1 1/2 or so where the finer parts of the ceremony are worked out with the remainder to be filled in later; this in addition to getting to know each other better. I will also ask for your 'love story' here. I collect the deposit at this time, as well. (The exact fee is determined primarily by ceremony location and any additional services requested) By then, we'll have reached a place to really get everything accomplished and can then finalize the details as we go on.

This might all sound a little vague, but believe me when I tell you that creating your ceremony as a couple will be most rewarding and fairly simple. It is my pleasure and responsibility to assist you with this process so that the finished result will be exactly as you planned.

You start by suggesting days and times when you are free and I'll work around that. I also defer the choice of a meeting location to the couple.

I've met anywhere from homes to McMenamins' Dad Watsons in Fremont and everywhere in between, so I'm game for anything. I just ask that it's in Seattle proper with plenty of room for us to spread out, be heard and okay with the proprietor that we linger.
Go here for a list of places that I recommend.*

(*This is no longer a current option as I have relocated to Eugene, OR.  Please select a downtown location for this meeting you feel is conducive to our needs, as stated above. Thank you.)

It is customary that the client couple be responsible for any expenses incurred at the establishment (food & drink) where we gather.

If you have anything else you'd like to discuss, further questions or any clarification about what I've written here, please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or e-mail. I'd be happy to explain my services better and how we can all work together to design a ceremony that best suits your needs.

Thank you again for choosing me as your wedding officiant. I look forward to hearing from you so we can begin planning what is sure to be a fantastic and moving wedding service.