"Is that your intent...?"
Turtle Staff
"The Circle is open, yet unbroken."
3-day wait in OR, too.
Stephanie &
Bert W.
Florence  OR
Jessie Honeyman State Park
CAM calling the direction North
License Paperwork to make it Legal!
"And so the binding is made..."
Tiffany & Dave B.
Carkeek Park
Seattle WA
Their Tree!
Happily Handfasted Newlyweds

As always, please get in touch with any questions or interest you might have regarding this options. 
E-Mail /  Phone: 206.301.9164
"Is That Your Intent?"
Now Offering

Fast becoming an oft chosen custom for couples who desire a unique manner in which to wed. 
This ritual typically incorporates multi-colored cords to bind the couple together;
hence 'tying the knot'. 
The rite is rooted in many cultures and religions [Celtic, Pagan & Wiccan, etc.]
dating back centuries. 
I am not affiliated nor a practicing priestess with any of the above,
but I do appreciate and respect their traditions. 
I have performed a number of these ceremonies in many contexts and am available and capable,
if that is your wish.

[Price varies/see 'Rates']

[Photographs of examples below]
Sarah & Geordie P.
(of New Jersey)
Luna Park Pier
West Seattle

An Intimate Circle Formed of Rose Petals
"Will you cause..."
Handbraided Cords