Sarah & Geordie P.
(of New Jersey)
Luna Park Pier
West Seattle
...more couples married by 
The Reverend SuZen
Joni, Scott 
(& Aeden) H.
Daybreak Star/
Discovery Park 

Stacy & Jeremy M.
Victorian Manor
Snohomish  WA
"Thank you very much.  Since our wedding, we have attempted to describe the power and beauty of the ceremony you helped us create..."

" Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony- we had such a great day.  I loved your opening words.  We got quite a few compliments on you and the ceremony.  Thank you again- hope you had fun."
The Wedding Party begins
Pre-ceremony Sage
Groom awaits 'The Joining'
Bride escorted by Mother & Son
It's Official after a *very* long courtship!
Alicia & Craig 
(of Brooklyn)
Ferry Kitsap
Seattle to Bremerton /Puget Sound
"Hey there lady-
We bask!
You smoked!
Please share our 

Ferry Reception
Nuptials at just the right spot
Wonderful day for a remarkable pair
Seattle makes a lovely backdrop for their Handfasting
Julianne & 
Koleman S.
Inn At Spanish Head
Lincoln City  OR 

OR Coast Nuptials
A Long Time Coming
With My Silly Groom
Beautiful Gals Getting Ready
Winter Beach
Katherine C. & Jamie N. 
(w/ Ella & Jack)
The Top of the Market/Pike Place

"I can't thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you helped us create.  We could
not have done it without you!  I can't express how much it meant to us.  The reception was bumpy to say the least but I honestly didn't care!  We are just so very happy.  You must have one of the greatest jobs ever! "
Ring Exchange
Feeling the emotion
With the new Mr. & Mrs.
Famliy of 4
C. Photos by Steven Crawford
MOB delivers a moving "Memory Blessing"
Kazoo Recessional
Wedding Party of Friends & Family
Welcome! Kegen Kegger Campstove S.
& Baby Sister, Xia
And Ginger