Terese & Robert S.
At their home-
Brier  WA


Scott & Corina W.
Lord Hill Farms
Snohomish WA

Corina marries people now, too.
...and some more couples married by The Reverend SuZen
C. Vitaly Druchinin c/o Life Pixel Images

Jill & Daniel S.
Bhy Kracke Park
Seattle  WA

Parents held the huppah and read 7 especially prepared wedding blessings
With ringbearing son, Noah

Kaia & Nathan C.
Lairmont Manor
Bellingham  WA
Kim & Brian S.
Childhood Home of the Bride (Parents)
Woodinville     WA
A very private ceremony
Sunlit Vows
Mid-Summer Storm Changes Plans
"Thank you for being part of this special day!"

"Brian and I are greatly appreciative of all of the support and patience you have offered to us during this exciting stage of our lives. 
We feel so lucky to have worked with you!"

" Thank you so very much for coming all the way to Bellingham to perform our wedding ceremony.  We know our wedding is going to be beautiful because you allowed us the opportunity to put together our perfect wedding.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.  Thanks so much!"