aka "Quickies"

For the couple who just want to get hitched 
without much fuss.   
Basically, you choose to elope and trust me to 
create your service with minimal input.  
There are only e-mail and/or phone conversations 
(no 1-on-1 consultations) included with this last minute plan.  

Prices begin at $115 locally.
Owen Rose Garden
N. Jefferson at the Willamette River
Bunches of Beautiful Roses
R & T
Alton Baker Park Duck Pond
Eugene OR  
​Up from CA for a "Do-Over" 
with sons prior to a U of O Homecoming Victory

K & F
An auspicious and beautiful day 
for another ceremony 
under the cherry tree

Cheers to J & T!

Spencer Butte Trailhead Meadow
Eugene OR 
UK visitors in for a New Year's Eve Surprise