Ordained in 1997 through the Universal Life Church, Reverend SuZen officiates 
weddings, commitment ceremonies and vow-renewals for couples seeking 
spiritual and secular alternatives to religious services. 

Assisting to create a meaningful ceremony which perfectly reflects your unique 
personalities is the ultimate priority.
Working together, we'll design what you envision so there will be neither offenses 
nor surprises as you stand before one another.
Depending on your level of desire, this may be as simplistic or as involved as you choose.
There are as many ways to craft nuptials as there are partners; 
to guide you through this process so that the finished result is exactly what you 
planned is both a professional responsibility and a pleasure.
Couples will also find it a fairly simple and richly rewarding experience.

Fortunately, progress continues for the LGBTQIA2S+ community and I honor those unions*, 
preferred pronouns and designations.

Interested parties, or others wanting more information are encouraged to get in touch HERE

To view photographs and read testimonials from previous clients, please go to the ARCHIVES

*Marriage equality rightfully legalized June 26th, 2016.