Zabriskie 02/18/2015
The Reverend SuZen is now available to assist and honor those whose Earthly Energy are in process or have already transitioned to the Better Beyond, human and animal alike.
Working intimately with loved ones, we will find words and ritual to give respectful meaning and purpose to both Life and Death.
Sageing the Goose Cherry for RGS
Words with Ashes
Intimate Internment 02/28/2021
Maple Grove Cemetery Granville OH
Love and Loss
Bittersweet is sharing our lives with animal companions only having to send them overĀ  The Rainbow Bridge
Minnie-Pie 01/03/2012
C in Heartthought Meadows
Chutney 06/08/2021
Eddie 10/29/2017
Buried like Pharaohs
B & B in Heartthought Meadows
Bertha 09/20/2021 w/ Barrett 08/01/2016
Moose 08/09/2015
End of the line for the Seattle kits