Although my credentials are ministerial,
(Universal Life Church)
[Ordained: 24 October 1997]

I do not personally incorporate religious/Biblical content into the ceremonies that I perform.
[Couples wanting these additions are encouraged to ask friends and family to participate.]

Frequently, such types of services are referred to as 'civil' ceremonies, but that is incorrect.  In Washington state, only acting and retired Judges are legally able to perform these.
I am licensed through WA state law R.C.W. 26.04.050, but paperwork will reflect the type as 'religious', though in truth, no such overtones are included by me.

It is also legal at this time for myself and others ordained by ULC
to perform matrimonial services in most other states, including Oregon.

Follow THIS LINK for clarification and FAQs in King County, WA.
Follow THIS LINK for clarification and FAQs in Lane County, OR.

E-MAIL  me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further.